Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Antler Creations

For Sale: $15

I saw some of these fire starters on-line and figured I could do the same thing or better. They are fire starters with antler pieces as the handle with a leather strap in through the handle for wearing on your pack or keychain.


For Sale: $30

For Sale: $20

For Sale: $35

This is a 1/2 inch fire starter made with a elk antler as the handle with a latigo lace.  It will last you many campouts and survival adventures.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ammo Bag for .22 Shells

For Sale: $50

I got this idea in the middle of my nieces birthday party and went right home and had this done in about 30 minutes.  At first I did not have the side gusset material which made getting to the ammo a little difficult. Once the gusset was added I had more than enough room to grab a hand full of .22 shells to reload.  This is perfect for target shooting, especially when you are going through round after round. I would say that this can hold up to 500 shells at a time.

Baby Moccasins

For Sale: $20

I have always wanted to make myself a pair of leather moccasins and have actually attempted it a few times when I was a teenager.  Now that I have enough know how, I was able to get online and replicate some moccasins and add some of my own touches to them.  These were so fun to make and even made my wife cry they were so cute.

Shotgun Shell Bucket

For Sale: $85
2 available

This is currently my second shell bag that is great for taking along with you to the trap or skeet range. It can hold up to 100 shells or more and is equipped with a convenient carrying strap as well as a synch cord to keep your shells contained.

Flint and Steel Pouch

For Sale: $30

I am currently a Varsity Coach for a local group where I live and we are currently learning primitive survival skills by a local Anasazi group.  They are teaching us how to use nature as a tool or weapon to survive, just like the mountain men or native americans of the past.  We just recently used flint and steel to make fires and I decided to make myself a storage pouch for my flint rock and steel striker. The pouch is kept closed by using an antler handled ferro rod which can also be used, along with a knife, to make a fire but not in as primitive of form as the flint and steel.

Leather Canteen

For Sale: $75

Here I have a reproduction of a medieval canteen that has been formed using wheat and a wooden dowel. The canteen was then allowed to dry and was stain dark brown. Last spring/summer I had my kids and niece's collecting tree sap or resin from pine trees wherever we were camped at.  As soon as I had enough tree resin, I melted it down and poured the liquid into the canteen and allowed it to completely cover the inside. Once the resin dried, it made the inside completely water tight without any after taste of sap.  I then melted bees wax on my home stove and brushed it over the outside of the canteen.  I then set the canteen in my oven at 200 degrees until the wax had completely absorbed the wax, making the outside completely water proof.  I plan on making bigger versions of this as well as add more shape options. Due to the amount of work that goes into this I would start my price for these at $85 for this size and $115 - $130 for larger sizes.  Of coarse they would be equipped with a shoulder strap for carrying.

Leather Briefcase/Satchel

For Sale: $600

Here is a new satchel or briefcase that have designed to be used for business or travel.  These cost over $125 in materials alone to make but can be sold for as much as $600-$700 or more. The is a new line of leather products that I would like to branch off into.  I plan on making different versions of this satchel and also adding a chocolate brown leather option as well.  This particular satchel is my first and I couldn't be more happy with it. It contains a divider to separate any books or clothes.  The 1 1/4 straps keep everything secure and 4 leather punched circles fastened with rivets keep the bottom free from wear and scratches.  This satchel contains over 40 copper rivets that will keep this rugged piece lasting for generations.